Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad | 26th St. Bistro

There will always be that “it” girl who can turn everyone’s heads when she walks into the room, even when she’s only in her basic white shirt, jeans, and a pair of blue sneakers. 26th St. Bistro’s Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad is that “it” girl.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

The salad is layered with fresh romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast slices, grated parmesan, and crunchy croutons, all dressed in its signature zesty caesar salad sauce. As basic as it may seem, the salad stood out for me because the bistro got every component right, and the dressing was so refreshing. The serving is good enough for a full, guiltless lunch, perfect for that #beachbod goal. 👌👙

Aside from their Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, I also recommend their Seafoood Marinara, which is not too acidic and good enough to share. For a heavier meal, try the half-pounder Cheeseburger, with a patty that tastes homemade, and has a mix of melted mozzarella and parmesan on top. Then wash them all down with a glass of Southern Blend Iced Tea. 🍝🍔🍹

Seafood Marinara

*Disclaimer: Although I sampled the salad, pasta, and cheeseburger as part of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Brew Your Best Food Feature workshop, this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊

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