Bailey’s Irish Cream | Casa Italia

Price: PHP 130 (+10% service charge)

Serving size: Good for 1 (1 scoop/Piccolo)

Ate it at: Forbestown Road, BGC, Makati

Lately, the evenings are cool here in Manila, perfect for a hot cup of chocolate or tea, or a glass of liquor to warm up. But I’m just one of those few people who would crave for a scoop of ice cream (or gelato, in this case) whatever the weather is.

After I had my Ziti at Casa Italia, I went to the gelato showcase and tasted three flavors: Japanese Matcha, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Valrhona Chocolate. All of them were really good, but due to budget restrictions and a smaller waistline goal 😅, I can only choose one. I opted for the Bailey’s, because I haven’t tried a gelato yet that has alcohol in it.

Bailey’s Irish Cream at the gelato showcase
A single scoop or Piccolo of Bailey’s Irish Cream Gelato

It is rich and creamy just like a vanilla ice cream, with chunks of cheese here and there. At first, I couldn’t feel the alcohol at all. But when I finished the whole thing, the booze finally kicked in my system! I was still sober of course, but I already had tama. 😵

They also have other alcohol-infused gelato (called Liquorato), and I would like to try that next time with a few friends, in case the liquor would punch me harder. 😂

*Disclaimer: I paid for my own food, and this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊

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