Vigan’s Royal Bibingka Taste Test

When my mother came back to our hotel room after exploring Vigan’s city center, she bought three different boxes of the town’s signature royal bibingka (sticky rice cake): Marsha’s Delicacies, Ammianance, and Tongson. She bought all of them to test which one would still taste good after being refrigerated overnight. The winner of the test would of course be the one that we will buy the morning after for our pasalubong.

But when Mama came, I couldn’t wait and decided to eat one from each box, because I was so hungry. Teehee. As part of the chilled overnight test, I also tasted them again the following morning, and the rankings stayed the same.

And here are the standings:

#1: Marsha’s Delicacies

Price: PHP 85

Serving size: Box of 8

Bought it at: Galleria de Vigan, Florentino Street

I had Marsha’s bibingkas before, and the rich taste is still the same. The sides are crispy and chewy, and even after being refrigerated overnight, the center remained soft and moist. The top is dry, but has the balanced amount of cheesiness and creaminess once you bite into it.

Reigning Queen: Marsha’s Delicacies

Despite the expensive price tag (compared to other stores), Marsha’s reigns as Vigan’s most bestselling bibingka because of its consistent flavor and very accessible outlets. It’s the ideal pasalubong because their boxes have individual molds which prevent the bibingkas from getting deformed.

And oh, did I forget to mention that their bibingka also comes in a pie-size? 😀

Marsha’s pie-size bibingka, in case you can’t get enough. 😋

#2: Ammianance

Price: PHP 160

Serving size: Box of 16

Bought it at: Florentino Street

Amianance’s is actually my first ever memory of a royal bibingka. It set my standards high, and in my opinion, it’s a rival that could almost come close to Marsha’s, because both have rich, creamy centers. The top is very soft, moist, and buttery, compared to Marsha’s dry top. However, after being refrigerated overnight, Amianance did remain soft, but Marsha’s was softer and easier to chew, and still tastier and more balanced despite its dry top. Ammianance’s bibingkas are almost bordering on the umay side because of the very creamy top layer.

The Rival: Ammianance

But if you’re looking at an affordable but tasty option, Ammianance is the way to go. Although they only sell their bibingka in boxes of 16, it’s still cheaper than Marsha’s box of 16 priced at PHP 195.

#3: Tongson

Price: PHP 85

Serving size: Box of 8

Bought it at: Calle Crisologo

Compared to Marsha’s and Ammianance, Tongson’s bibingka is a little larger. The store is the most accessible of the three, because it’s situated at the starting point of Calle Crisologo. However, in terms of taste, Marsha’s and Ammianance are the stars. 

The Original: Tongson

This is not to say that Tongson’s bibingkas are not good. After all, they have been making them for almost five decades now, and according to a local, they were the first shop to sell bibingka. But it tasted bland against Marsha’s and Ammianance’s rich creamy cakes.

*Disclaimer: I got these for free (because Mama paid for them. Teehee!), but this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊


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