Shiroi Koibito | Ishiya Patisserie

I have never been to Japan, but thankfully, I get a taste of it here in the Philippines through Japanese restaurants (like Ippudo and Chibo Okonomiyaki) and bakeries, and through pasalubong from my teammates who have been there.

Recently, our team lead Cris gave us this lengua de gato and chocolate sandwich, one of her husband’s many treats from Japan. I was a bit skeptic the first time I saw it. I’m a big fan of the crumbly milky biscuit and the smooth chocolate, but I never imagined them to be together, much less in the form of a sandwich. But because it looked good and Cris gave her word that it tastes good, I threw away my hesitations and took a bite… And I never looked back!

Shiroi Koibito

I would like to thank the person who invented this heavenly biscuit sandwich! The crumbly lengua de gato gave texture to the smooth milk chocolate, and the sweetness they created in my mouth was enough to send me over to the moon. It had that signature Japanese balance of flavor. 💯 After finishing it, I really wish that there would at least be a local version of it, because I think Filipinos could also make a mean langue de chat and chocolate!

Next time, when I do get the chance to be in Japan, I will definitely get my hands on a box or two (or even more, if my pocket permits)!

*Disclaimer: I got this one for free, but this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊


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