Relik’s Nachos | Relik Restaurant and Bar

Price: PHP 208 (+10% service charge)

Serving size: Good for 2

Ate it at: 2/F Commercenter Building, 31st Street corner 4th Avenue, BGC, Taguig

It was Thursday night, but I wanted a drink or two before I go home. So my two teammates and I went to Relik Restaurant and Bar to avail of their Happy Hour cocktail promo, which is right across our office.

Even though it was so near, it was actually my first time to be there. I’m glad that they separated the smoking and non-smoking areas, because it’s hard for me to appreciate what’s on the table when the pungent smell of cigarette is going up my nostrils. Plus, they have amazing live music! 🎶

I intentionally went there just for the drinks, but my colleagues wanted to chow some grub before alcohol goes down our throats. So we ordered Nachos and Chorizig Pasta for dinner. And the Nachos was a surpisingly good, satisfying way to start the night!

Instead of the usual yellow triangle chips, Relik’s version had homemade tortilla crisps. The toppings were actually very simple – lettuce shreds, salsa, cheese, beef chili, and sour cream – but they tied together perfectly that I can’t help but get one after the other! #nomnomnom

To end the night, we had the refreshing Lychee Mojito. The addition of lychee added the right amount of sweetness to the concoction of lime, mint, white rum, and soda water.

I would definitely come back and try other items on their menu. But definitely, Relik’s Nachos would be my staple grub when I want my booze fix. 🍸

*Disclaimer: I paid for my own food, and this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊


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