Grilled Porkchop | Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro

Price: PHP 285 (+10% service charge)

Serving size: Good for 1

Ate it at: F-126-127 Forbeswood Heights (near Burgos Circle), Forbestown Road, BGC, Taguig

Even though Bugsy’s was offering lunch specials at PHP 195 (+10% service charge) with unlimited rice and iced tea, I went with my gut and ordered the Grilled Porkchop instead. Apart from cutting down on my rice portion and caffeine intake, I knew I wouldn’t regret ordering their signature porkchop.

Even though the meat is cut thick, it is perfectly cooked – tender and juicy. It is also well-seasoned, that you can do away with the spicy soy sauce. Its simplicity is what makes this comfort food stand out, and you can never go wrong with going back to the basics. If I wasn’t watching out my diet and I had extra bucks to shell out, I would have ordered two pieces of that generously-cut pork. 

Aside from the porkchop, I also had (two pieces only!) Buffalo Tenders (PHP 265, +10% service charge), which is a chicken fillet with crispy buffalo-spiced skin served with creamy blue cheese dip. I couldn’t get enough of the rich dip, that I also spread some of it on my porkchop! 😋

When you get the chance, catch live sports events at Bugsy’s, and have a go at their drinks while you’re at it. 🍸

*Disclaimer: I paid for my own food, and this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊


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