Original Hanjuku Cheese | Kumori

Price: PHP 48

Serving size: Good for 1

Ate it at: Basement, SM Makati, Ayala Center, Makati

When I first read about Kumori’s miniature cheesecake that tastes like heaven, I knew I had to have one. And ever since that day that I tasted the Original Hanjuku Cheese, I kept going back for more. 👍

In Japanese, kumo means “cloud”. With their selection of soft and fluffy breads, Kumori invites its customers to “bite into the clouds”.

The Hanjuku Cheese may look underwhelming with its small size – it barely covers my palm! When I first bought it, I thought it wouldn’t satisfy me. But when I took the first bite, the half-baked cheesecake was so light and so rich at the same time! Light, because it wasn’t sweet, and rich, because 3/4 of the cake was made up of cream cheese while the rest was a thin sponge. One might feel the umay if the serving was bigger. But if you do still have room for another one, why not? 😋

Aside from the Hanjuku Cheese, I also recommend their Breakfast Rolls, Soft Matcha Bun, and Cheese Tart. 👌

*Disclaimer: I paid for my own food, and this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊


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