Burnt Salted Caramel | BONO Gelato

Price: PHP 80 (Real Scoop of the Month promo)

Serving size: Good for 1; Single scoop

Ate it at: G/F Bonifacio Stopover, Rizal Drive, BGC, Taguig

I’m a sucker for promos and desserts, and BONO Gelato’s Real Scoop of the Month is one of those that I watch out for. For this month, I got a scoop of their Burnt Salted Caramel flavor for only PHP 80, which is normally priced at PHP 130.

When the gelato craze first started, I thought that it was just a fancier Italian term for ice cream. Eventually, after much Googling, I came to know that gelato was more than that. Gelato uses whole milk instead of cream, so there’s less fat in it. When churned, it has less air, so the frozen treat has denser and more intense flavor than the usual scoop of ice cream.

Unlike its other counterparts, BONO Gelato stores their gelato with the lids closed. Instead, the available flavors are displayed on their screens. To be honest, it would be more appetizing for me to see the gelatos in a brightly lit display case. But I guess for BONO, the real deal is in its taste, not on how it would look like on a show case.

I may love desserts, but I’m not much of a sweet tooth. So flavors like dark chocolate and salted caramel are winners for me! I got a bit surprised when the crew drizzled caramel sauce over my scoop, because I was afraid there might be too much caramel. But when the gelato landed on my taste buds, I was in cloud nine! The saltiness and sweetness were a match made perfect in this heavenly treat! 😇 I actually wanted another scoop, but my wallet was about to bleed dry. Hehehe!

Last month, I also got to try their Cioccolato, which is their version of dark chocolate without the dairy and sugar. It was indulgent as expected, and I wouldn’t mind having it once in a while, even if it’s not the Real Scoop of the Month!

*Disclaimer: I paid for my own food, and this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊


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