Southern Spice Chicken | Gringo

Price: PHP 235 (+10% service charge)

Serving Size: Good for 1; Quarter portion with choice of two sides

Ate it at: The Fort Residences, 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

It’s hard not to notice the bright signage of newbie BGC resto Gringo, which says, “Chicken, Ribs, Friends”. Near Burgos Circle, this Latin-American restaurant belongs to the same family as Tokyo Bubble Tea, which is just right beside it.

It was Friday lunch and my team decided to try out Gringo, which was still in their soft opening. Upon entering the doors, the whole staff was bursting with energy as they greeted us, “Hola! Welcome to Gringo!” Being seated near the doors, we also couldn’t help but join them as they gave the same jolly greeting to incoming customers!

I ordered a quarter portion of Southern Spice Chicken, and my side dishes were marble potato salad and garlic mushroom. When my order came, I was surprised that it also came with free nachos!

The caramelized, charred skin blended well with the richly spiced meat. The garlic mushroom and the special spicy sauce (on the side) really complemented the chicken, and I suddenly wished that I should have ordered rice! Haha! Good thing, my teammate Alyssa was kind enough to share some of her Mexican rice, and it was indeed the best partner for the chicken. It was a happy day for my taste buds and tummy. 😊

What I also liked about Gringo was their excellent customer service! Our glasses and sauces were always filled, and I felt that our opinion matters to them as they asked for our feedback about the food.

Just when I thought our experience couldn’t get any better, the manager gave us coupons for free chicken or ribs the next time we visit them! Hurrah! 🙌

After two weeks, when our wallets were almost empty but we still want to eat good food, my teammate Steph and I went back to Gringo. We used our coupon to order a single serving of ribs priced at PHP 325, and we paid for the side dish. I ordered Mexican rice, and shelled out PHP 75 (+10% service charge).

The flavorful Mexican rice was also a good pair to the saucy and tender pork ribs. It was a feast inside my mouth! Steph also shared her mashed kamote/sweet potato with me (yup, my teammates are really kind! Haha!), and it gave a subtle, carbo boost to my remaining pork ribs.

The customer service was consistently excellent, even though they knew that we got the greater part of our order for free. They still asked for our feedback about the food and the service, and we gave them the excellent rating that they deserve. I hope that they can keep it up!

*Disclaimer: I paid for my food, and this was written with my honest opinion. If I don’t like the food, I won’t write it here. 😊


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